Proud to be ecuadorian / Earthquake 16/04/2016 from Altitude VM on Vimeo.


On April 16, 2016 at 7pm, the northern coast of Ecuador suffered an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude.

As of April 25th: The Secretariat for Risk Management said the number of dead from the earthquake now stands at 655. 29 of those killed are foreigners. 48 people are missing and 113 were rescued alive. 29,067 people are staying in shelters. The country has activated 103 shelters.
The Instituto Geofísico has recorded 839 aftershocks.

As of April 30th: 18 more aftershocks recorded just yesterday. They are called aftershocks because they occur after the most intense quake. They are actually more earthquakes. There have been over 900 in all now, striking almost hourly.

4400 buildings were destroyed and 2740 more damaged. 1,000,000 people affected.

I'm telling you this because for the most part it has been ignored by the media in the US, I believe for political reasons. While 20 countries sent teams of professional rescue teams and dogs, the US did not. On day four, after most had died who were going to die from lack of rescue, President Obama called President Correa and offered his condolences and $100,000 in humanitarian relief. Yes, you read that amount correctly. One reporter from ABC did a piece about an expat surfer opening his hotel for relief efforts. One reporter from Fox News came down and actually reported on the devastation.

Last I heard, finally 9 tons of humanitarian relief from the US arrived in Ecuador and is greatly appreciated. Even Japan, who suffered their own quake a week prior, sent aid to Ecuador. It got here first. The quake in Ecuador was six times stronger than the Japan quake.

Almost everyone I know in the US has told me: I had no idea this was happening.